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Tourmaline necklace silver leaf

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A beautiful rose leaf necklace, handmade using a real rose leaf in silver clay and a real green tourmaline stone, carved into a leaf shape. The leaf is handpicked and dried, painted with eco friendly silver clay, fired and soldered to a handmade bail, and then the item is polished to leave a silver shine. I have polished only the top half of the leaf to give an interesting graded look with the white where the silver has been fired. This entire item is 100% recycled silver for those who wear eco fashion. The stone has been sourced from a supplier who has signed up to a clause where the area is returned to nature after extraction.

This leaf necklace measures 3.2 cm (1.26") in length and 1.5 cm (0.59") at the widest point. It comes with an 18" recycled sterling silver trace chain. If you would prefer a different chain length please don't hesitate to Contact Us.

The name tourmaline is believed to derive from the Singhalese (Sri Lankan) word “toramalli,” a term applied to yellow, green or brown stones, that means “something little out of the earth.”
Tourmaline is a complex aluminous borosilicate mineral built of crystals with complicated aggregations of sodium, aluminum, boron, oxygen, hydrogen and silicon atoms.
Tourmaline is said to dispel fear, negativity and grief.

Field rose (Rosa arvensis) is one of two wild rose species in Britain (the other being dog rose - rosa canina). It is a rambling rose and provides nectar for many insects including bees, moths and butterflies. Roses are said to symbolise spiritual wisdom.

Every item is presented in a recycled pillow box with an anti-tarnish tab, and is posted safely in recyclable wrapping. If you would like to add a giftbox to your order it would make the perfect nature gift as the October birthstone or for those who love botanical jewellery.

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