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Silver dragonfly necklace - Arborea Jewellery

Silver dragonfly necklace

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A 100% recycled silver dragonfly pendant. Sawn and decorated by hand, portraying a dragonfly hovering over a rippling pool, the bail is also engraved to look like reeds. The piece is oxidised to give it more detail and interesting colour.

This dragonfly necklace is 2.58 cm wide with a 2.4 cm drop and hung on a recycled silver 18" link chain, if you would prefer another style or size please contact me.

Choose a recycled pillow box or gift box - a perfect eco friendly gift for nature lovers or those who love dragonfly jewellery. Items are posted in recycled and recyclable packaging. 

The dragonfly is generally recognised with the meaning of transformation. This is because they start to grow in the water as nymphs then climb up the vegetation out of the water once they have grown their wings and molt their skin to begin their final phase, as a dragonfly.

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