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About Us

It's in our nature


I'm Christy, I live in Devon in the UK and my full time job is in conservation; advising people how best to manage their land for nature. This passion for the natural environment and desire to protect it is what also fuels my business. When I'm browsing online stores, I often find it difficult to see exactly how a product is eco friendly, can you relate to this? 

When making your jewellery pieces I use the most environmentally-friendly methods of creation that I can (see below) and am always researching ways to be even more so. I use 100% recycled silver and you'll find reclaimed stones or some from mines that have signed up to the renaturalising clause and Kimberly Principle (non-conflict stone). Every paper element of my packaging is recycled, the electricity for my tools is 100% renewable and I don't use any toxic chemicals or animal derived materials in the creation process. I source all of my materials from the UK, I never buy them from abroad, and support handmade businesses where possible. To find out more about my green credentials click here.

I believe that people tend to care more about the things they understand, have you ever felt this way? I like to provide some pieces of information about the plants, stones or creatures that are portrayed in my pieces. For instance, did you know that snowdrops rely on ants carrying their seeds underground to disperse?

I hope you enjoy browsing through my items and get as much enjoyment from wearing them as I have had making them. They would make perfect gifts for anyone who wears sustainable jewellery. To see my full collection, please visit the Home Page.

I know you care about the environment as much as I do, because after all, it's in our nature... Thanks for reading :)