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The January birthstone is garnet or rose quartz, the birthflower is the carnation.


Garnet comes from the latin word "Garanatus" meaning "seedlike" in reference to the pomegranate. Garnets come in all kinds of colours, the rarest of which are green and clear. As with many precious stones, garnets were also once believed to hold medicinal powers. In Medieval times, it was worn as a protective energy stone against evil and nightmares. To modern wearers, the garnet symbolizes a light heart, loyalty and enduring affections.

Rose quartz

Rose quartz is a gentle pink colour and is a stone of the heart. It has a soft feminine energy and is known for faith, eternity, truth, compassion, peace, tenderness, healing, nourishment and comfort.


Carnations are a species of Dianthus and have beautiful coloured flowers with green/blue (glaucous) leaves. Because of their beautiful scent, they are used in essential oils for perfumery. Worn on Mother's Day, Teacher's Day, St. Patrick's Day (in green, of course) and at weddings, this hardy, sweetly fragrant flower is also the state flower of Ohio, the 1st wedding anniversary flower.

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